What Makes Us Different

What makes 40A. different from independent VAs is simple:


40A. was started by a full-time food blogger and her own assistant to make it easier for bloggers to develop their teams, affordably and effectively, with long-term strategy and goals in mind. After witnessing the growth that happened after hiring her own assistant, Cheryl Malik of 40 Aprons started feeling like a few simple but highly valuable changes to the way these projects work could change everything. She heard all of her blogger friends complain about their experiences with their VAs, feeling frustrated that they didn’t know what was reasonable to expect, with surprise invoicing, with feeling awkward approaching their assistants about changes or performance. So Cheryl and her own assistant, Christina, decided to do something about it, and 40A. was born.

At 40A., we offer more than just food blog virtual assistants; our goal is to become a true part of your team, a part that’s just invested in seeing growth as you are! We’re here not just for Facebook scheduling and Pinterest curation, but for feedback, project support, and high-level analysis.

We do two very important things at the same time:

We help you grow, and we help you focus on just what you love about blogging. Give us the rest!

Every 40A. project comes with three levels of communication and witness: you’ll work directly with your VA on your project, but Cheryl and Christina are there to take care of anything you might need or want to change. No more awkward conversations about Pinterest reach! Instead, your project is managed for you, making sure numbers are where they should be, that your tasks are being completed, and that your strategy is shifting and changing to best suit your platform and goals.

On top of that, every 40A. project includes monthly traffic and social media analytics, as well as a content analysis from Cheryl herself. Putting to work her background in brand development and management, Cheryl’s unique perspective as a food blogger intimately familiar with your content and platform offers strategic content planning and refined digital marketing strategy to keep your project and editorial calendar fresh.

So much more than Facebook scheduling.

Finally, our network of VAs is comprised entirely of hyper-talented food bloggers with a range of skills, meaning we can offer almost any service to support your food blog, from SEO updating and keyword research to podcast editing, recipe photoshoots to marketing funnels. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

This is how food blogging should be: focus on your passion and let us handle the rest.

We love knowing our clients like working with us as much as we like working with them. See what some of them have to say!