We offer many base packages that work for the average food blogger. We also love to work with individual food bloggers to determine custom monthly projects that will best support their platform, needs, and wants. Get in touch! We’ll chat about your blog, where you want it to go, what you like doing, what you hate doing, and how your perfect VA project will look.

Our available services include:

  • Social media marketing: We’ll support your digital presence by scheduling Facebook posts, connecting with Instagram users, dominating Pinterest, responding to comments, and keeping you up to date on upcoming holidays and events, like say… National Donut Day anyone?
  • Video Editing: Hey, we all know it. Video editing is a total drag and seems like it takes forever. Our VAs can handle this for you, so your time is free to focus on creating more recipe and video content.
  • SEO Updating: Weren’t focusing on SEO when you were writing those oldies but goodies a couple or a few years ago? Hey… we feel you. Our VAs can work through your content to make sure everything is optimized for search, both for organic search and Pinterest, so you’re taking full advantage of all of your content!
  • Food Photography: Need someone to shoot your recipes? We’ve got you! We have several insanely talented food photographers on staff, and we can set you up with a one-off shoot or build recurring work into your monthly project.
  • Administration: Do you enjoy invoicing clients? No? Well, we do! Invoicing, bookkeeping, tech support, follow-ups: these are just a few of the administrative tasks I offer to support your business.
  • Project Management: Have a book you want to get out, a course you’ve been dreaming of creating, or some other major project that always seems to be put on the back burner? Let us manage the project for you, so that your entire focus is content creation and strategy. Perfect for editorial calendars, video publishing schedules, and sponsored posts, too.
  • Brand Relationship Management: Want to start prioritizing high-quality, well paying sponsored posts and partnerships? Let us help you develop relationships with your favorite brands, so you can land the partnerships you’ve always wanted.
  • Podcast Editing: Maybe you have a great podcast (or a great idea for one), but publishing regularly is taking it take over our life! And hey, editing podcasts is about as fun as editing video. Our VAs can help edit your podcast audio and get them publish-ready. Don’t have a podcast yet? Our VAs can help you get set up with one, too! Easy, peasy.
  • Marketing and Admin Projects: Have a few projects on your to do list that you just never get around to? With many of our clients, we build in flexible hours each month to use on changing projects, depending on what’s needed at the time. This is true assistant territory!
  • Dish Washing: Just kidding. Well… if you’re local to one of us…
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