SEO Update Services vs. Post Writing Services

SEO Update Services vs. Post Writing Services

If you’re creating content for the internet, you’ll likely be focusing on either crafting a blog post or publishing an SEO update. Although both types have the goal of driving traffic to your website, they differ in approach and style. It’s crucial to keep these differences in SEO update services and post writing in mind when outsourcing these tasks.

Post Writing Services

Blog posts are usually longer, more in-depth pieces that explore a particular topic in detail. They’re written to be informative and engaging, often in a relaxed, conversational tone. The idea is to give the reader something valuable while positioning yourself as an expert in your field. Blog posts are often shared on social media or other websites, which can help to bring new traffic back to your site. When hiring us for this particular service, your assistant does their best to fit your style and tone to make your blog as cohesive as possible. All of our projects start with a 2-3 day discovery period for this very reason.

SEO Update Services

SEO updates are key for better website visibility and higher SERP rankings. This stands for Search Engine Optimization. These updates typically consist of shorter pieces of content that are designed to target specific keywords and include a call to action. While they may still provide value to readers, the primary purpose of SEO update services is to enhance a site’s position in search engine rankings. By implementing effective SEO strategies, websites can attract more organic traffic and ultimately increase their online presence and brand awareness. Staying updated with SEO trends and best practices to stay competitive online is crucial. This also means, when it comes to SEO Updates, your assistant is working with already existing blog posts as opposed to writing one from scratch with your provided details.

We’ve Got You Covered

Although both blog posts and SEO update services can generate website traffic, they have distinct purposes and require unique approaches. Blog posts should captivate and enlighten readers, whereas SEO updates should center on enhancing search engine rankings. By recognizing these distinctions, you can establish a content plan that precisely targets your intended audience and accomplishes your objectives. Fortunately, we offer both services and even provide combined packages for clients who require a mixture of both.

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