Self Care as a Virtual Assistant

Self Care as a Virtual Assistant

As virtual assistants, we often prioritize taking care of others and neglect our own self care. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that self care is not selfish but rather essential for our personal well-being. Here are some helpful tips for practicing self care as a virtual assistant.

1. Set boundaries:

Establishing clear boundaries with both clients and colleagues is a crucial aspect of maintaining a positive work environment. It is important to kindly and respectfully decline requests that may exceed your capacity to fulfill them. It is important to remember that your time and effort are valuable and should be respected accordingly.

2. Take breaks:

Sometimes, we can get so wrapped up in what we’re doing that we forget to take a breather. It’s important to remember to give ourselves a break during the day, whether that’s taking a slow walk or grabbing a bite to eat. After all, taking breaks is crucial for our mental and physical health, as well as our ability to work efficiently. I’ve personally found that when I allow myself breaks throughout the day, I am often even more productive than if I try to knock out everything all at once.

3. Disconnect:

Once you finish your work for the day, it’s crucial to take a step back and disconnect from your devices. Avoid checking your email or responding to messages. By taking time away from work, you can fully recharge and feel refreshed for the next day. This one is a particularly difficult one for me. I often felt pressure to answer emails or questions outside of business hours. I had to learn to give myself permission to disengage, and that whatever it was could wait until business hours.

4. Practice self care activities:

Discover various activities that can assist you in unwinding and rejuvenating your mind and body. These can range from indulging in a good book to participating in a calming yoga session. My personal favorite is a relaxing bath with bubbles, candles, and one of my favorite records playing. Self care activities can be so different for everyone so it’s super easy to find something that relaxes you.

5. Prioritize your health:

It is crucial to prioritize your overall well-being by ensuring that you are receiving a sufficient amount of restful sleep (I should probably work on this one), maintaining a healthy diet, and engaging in regular exercise. These habits are essential for maintaining optimal health and vitality.

It’s essential to bear in mind that tending to your own health and wellness isn’t only crucial for your personal benefit, but it also enables you to be a more effective virtual assistant for your clients. It’s important to make self care a priority and take the time to see to your own needs, allowing you to perform at your best and provide top-notch assistance to those who rely on you.

Always remember, self care is not selfish.

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