Our Team

Cheryl Malik

Partner, Chief Executive Officer, Food Blogger, and Brand Development Specialist

Digital marketer and brand developer turned full-time food blogger, Cheryl’s pretty sure she has the best job ever. Cheryl’s work within the food blogging niche marries her experience in the branding sector to give her vision for growth and goals that help bloggers zero in on their niche and head to the next level. Her work as a food blogging coach lets her get truly hands-on with all levels of success in the industry. Cheryl is currently [massively] pregnant with her second child, and she lives with her family in Memphis, TN. Her blog, 40 Aprons, brings Whole30 and paleo recipes to food lovers who aren’t afraid of flavor! She normally enjoys pairing wine with Netflix new releases, but pregnancy tea just isn’t the same. She loves to travel and hopes to soon start a nonprofit to help grow businesses that couldn’t otherwise afford digital marketing and branding.


Christina Galloway

Partner, Chief Operations Officer

Christina is a writer, mom, wife, and movie lover. She first fell in love with the food blog virtual assistant business when one of her best friends, Cheryl Malik from 40 Aprons, hired her to provide engaging social media, manage projects and products, and support her business with hands-on administration. During that time, the idea of creating a virtual assistance agency unlike any other became a reality. Christina continued working as Cheryl’s personal assistant for two years before transitioning to handling 40A. full time. Today, she manages the 40A. VA projects and day to day operations of the company. She dreams of moving to her husband’s home country, Scotland, one day and loves painting, spending time with her gorgeous little girl and baby boy, and complaining about her mischievous cat, Binx.

Brittany Ervin

Client Manager and Media Specialist

For over a decade Britt has worked with companies and independent businesses both large and small as a media specialist. She has a great passion for digital engagement – and food! – and loves using her years of experience and skills to help bloggers grow their audiences and reach their goals. She is a vital part of our team and handles all sales and onboarding for new clients.

Kiki Johnson

Senior Support Specialist and Pinterest Consultant

Kiki Johnson is a German/Canadian Food Blogger who got her start back in 2012 while she was finishing up her Master’s Degree in Foreign Languages with a minor in Marketing and Communication. Since then she has seen great success with her bilingual blog Cinnamon and Coriander, has published her own cookbook and has contributed to such A-list publications as Home & Garden, Good Housekeeping, Country Living, and Shape Magazine as well as many German-language publications. Having led a fairly nomadic lifestyle in her early 20’s, she now splits her time between her homes in Mexico, Canada, and Germany. Concerning her work with 40a, her areas of expertise include -Copywriting -Content Creation -Recipe Development with a strong focus on Healthy International Cuisine -SEO Optimization -Keyword Research -Editorial Planning -Social Media Strategies -Pinterest Strategy, and Management.

Our Virtual Assistants

Our network of VAs is comprised entirely of hyper-talented food bloggers and social media specialists with a range of skills, meaning we can offer almost any service to support your food blog, from SEO updating and keyword research to podcast editing, recipe photo shoots to marketing funnels. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

They all have their own unique style and backgrounds to make sure we can get you with the right VA to fit your specific needs.

Hema Ramsingh

Hema has been with us since December 2018 and was one of the very first members of 40A.. Her specialties include Copywriting, Hashtag Research, Newsletters, and Pinterest. She is a marketing specialist and nutritionist. She is also Cheryl’s project manager.

Bethany Galloway

Bethany lives in England and is a musician that also takes a special interest in food blogging. Currently, she works very closely with us on various social media tasks not only for 40A. but also for Cheryl, as well. All while still killing it for our clients! She has been with us since March 2019.

Patty Pearson

Patty joined our team in November 2019 and is one of our various Pinterest specialists. She has experience in photography, marketing, and of course social media and is quickly becoming one of our go-to VAs for Pinterest management.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth has been with us since August 2019. She lives in Piedmont, SC and since becoming part of our team has only improved her various skills. Elizabeth has experience with Facebook, Pinterest curation, and SEO.

Amelia Camurati

Amelia joined in February 2020 and lives here in Memphis so she is local to Cheryl and me. Amelia is one of our most experienced writers. She is an expert in copywriting and has incredible experience with SEO. She’s been a journalist/social media manager/editor for 12 years.

Katy Mabee

Katy has been a team member here at 40A.  since October of 2020. She lives in Austin, TX., and has experience with Facebook curation, Pinterest, SEO Updating, and copywriting. She is also one of our go-to VAs for Newsletters.

Lisa Hancock

Lisa has been with us since April 2020 and lives in Greer, South Carolina. She has experience with Facebook scheduling, copywriting, photoshop, social media management, and video editing. Lisa has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Wisconsin and has been a multimedia coordinator for nearly a decade.

Emily Luth

Emily joined 40A. in September 2020 and lives here in Memphis, TN so she is local to the founders of 40A. She is proficient in Photoshop, copywriting, and SEO. However, her skills also include Facebook curation, Pinterest scheduling, and video editing.

Janie Inguito

With us since January 2019, Janie is one of our most seasoned team members. She is well-versed in Pinterest curation and handles many other tasks from Facebook scheduling to Instagram. There’s really not a whole lot she can’t do. Check out her blog Naughty Kitchen.

Anna Claire Howard

Anna Claire signed on with us in July of 2020. She lives here in Memphis, TN so she is local to Cheryl and me. She has incredible experience with Facebook curation, video editing, and, SEO and Post Updating. Her skills also include Podcast Editing and Photoshop.

Rachelle Galloway

Rachelle lives in Glasgow, Scotland, and has been with us since July 2020. With an MA in English and Film Studies from the University of Dundee, Rachelle managed her own blog and has also handled many creative writing projects over the last few years. Her skills include Pinterest curation, Facebook scheduling, Instagram, and copywriting.

Christine Huston

This Christine and she is one of our long-standing VAs and lives in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. Christine joined our team in April 2019. Her expertise includes Pinterest, SEO, and Post Writing but she is also proficient in Video Editing. She also has her own blog called Burnt Macaroni.

Amber Kosterewa

Amber graduated from culinary school and has a passion for food blogging. She joined in July 2019. She lives in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Her skills include, but are not limited to, Pinterest curation, Facebook scheduling, and Photoshop.

Sara Lett

Sara became part of 40A. in July 2020. She lives in Atlanta, GA, and she has experience with Facebook scheduling, Pinterest curation, and copywriting. She’s helped support social media campaigns for a local high-end Atlanta restaurant group, the Arby’s Foundation, as well as Purposity, the current app/start-up she works for.

Kim Lee

Kim lives in Fort Worth, Texas, and has her own blog called Kim’s Cravings. She is one of our most experienced VA’s and her skills include Facebook curation, SEO and post updating, and Pinterest curation. Kim has been with us since June 2019.

Ashley Amundsen

Ashley joined our team in February 2020. She lives in St. George, Utah and she has incredible experience with SEO, Facebook, Pinterest, photoshop, copywriting, and video production. She also has her own blog, Wanderzest. She graduated with a B.S. in Marketing in 2015 and has since worked as a social media and content specialist for several companies.

Sarah Trenda

Since becoming part of our team in December 2019, Sarah has done amazing work with Facebook curation and Pinterest. She lives in Minnesota and also has skills in SEO, copywriting photoshop, and podcast editing. Sarah graduated with a degree in Strategic Communications with an emphasis in Advertising.

Ashley Schuering

Ashley joined our team in July 2020. She lives in Nashville, TN, and has her own blog, Confessions of a Grocery Addict, if you would like to check it out. She has incredible experience with Pinterest curation, Facebook scheduling, copywriting, and SEO Updates.

Annie Buckert

Annie is one of our top VAs and has been with us since July of 2019. Her clients rave about her. She lives in Macon, GA and her experience includes Facebook scheduling, SEO, and Pinterest curation.

Scott Galloway

One of our newest members of 40A., Scott’s main focus is Video and Podcast Editing as well as Photoshop. He graduated from the University of the West of Scotland with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Technology. Scott also has experience with Facebook curation, copywriting, and SEO. He lives in Glasgow, Scotland, and has been with us since September 2020.

Amy Strachan

Amy became part of our team earlier this year in February 2021. She lives in Glasgow, Scotland, and has experience with Facebook curation, Instagram, and editing podcasts.

Maddie Sachs

Maddie is a Chicago-based VA and Actor, who loves making food as much as she loves eating it! Her specialties include social media content creation, newsletter writing, and audio/video editing. She has recently joined us here at 40A. in March 2021 and cannot wait to get creating with you!

Taylor Watts

Taylor is one of our newest members! She joined our team in March 2021 and lives in Georgia. Her expertise includes Instagram curation, Facebook management, Pinterest scheduling, SEO, and copywriting. She also has her own design company, TM Design Co.

Savannah McGhee

Savannah has been with 40A. since December 2021 but has worked alongside Cheryl and Christina since July of 2019. She is currently studying at the University of Memphis and her experience includes photography, marketing, copywriting, social media, and Web Stories.

Ali Frothingham

Ali joined our team in March 2021 and lives in Florence, Italy but is actually from Vermont. Her passions include food photography, design, and travel. Ali completed her Master’s in Graphic Design in Florence and her experience includes Instagram curation, Pinterest scheduling, Photoshop, video editing, web stories, and copywriting.