Myths About Virtual Assistants

Myths About Virtual Assistants

There are many misconceptions about virtual assistants being mere automated services or posing a risk to privacy and security. However, the truth is that virtual assistants offer tremendous value to bloggers and businesses by streamlining work processes. Let’s debunk some common myths about virtual assistants and reveal the reality behind them.

Myth: Virtual assistants are only good for simple tasks like scheduling posts and liking comments.

Reality: While virtual assistants can certainly handle basic tasks like these, they are capable of much more. Virtual assistants can help you with everything from scheduling social media posts to providing you with SEO concepts, full blog posts, and even recipe development. Our team also prides itself on really getting to know our clients so we can anticipate how you would handle something yourself. Learning your tone and “voice” is a crucial part of our process when writing posts or doing SEO Updates. Our virtual assistants can even learn your habits and preferences over time to make personalized recommendations for future posts.

Myth: Virtual assistants are a threat to privacy and security.

Reality: At our agency, we prioritize the security and privacy of your information. Our virtual assistants can only access what you permit them to see. However, if you require us to complete a task that requires access to a specific platform, we may need access to that platform. Rest assured, we use highly secure tools such as LastPass and ensure that only our admins have access to your complete information, allowing us to effectively monitor what our virtual assistants can and cannot access. Our team also signs exclusivity contracts when signing on with us which protects both your information and our proprietary information and strategies.

Myth: Virtual assistants are impersonal and robotic.

Reality: Our company was born out of a decade-long friendship between Cheryl and me. When I became her real-life assistant, we realized that our special bond could be recreated virtually for other bloggers. We believe that mutual respect between clients and assistants is crucial for a successful working relationship. Cheryl provided the blogger’s perspective, while I offered the assistant’s point of view. When we assign virtual assistants, we consider both your niche and personality to find the best match possible. Plus, our large team allows us to reassign you to another assistant if needed. We take a personalized approach to each project, recognizing that cookie-cutter services are not always effective.

Myth: Virtual assistants aren’t worth it.

Reality: Virtual assistants can be incredibly helpful for bloggers and entrepreneurs! Despite some common misconceptions, these assistants are safe, secure, and capable of much more than you might think. So don’t hesitate to ask for our assistance when you need it. As they say, “You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.”

Contact us today to see how we can shatter those myths for you!

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