A Women Owned And Operated Agency

A Women Owned And Operated Agency

As many of you may already know, 40A. is a women owned and operated agency. We founded 40A. in March 2018 with a clear goal in mind – to make a difference, not only as a company but as leaders too. As women, we are intimately familiar with the obstacles that our gender encounters in the workplace. However, this knowledge only strengthened our resolve to establish a business that would revolutionize the work experience for women worldwide. We wanted to create a safe space for women to unlock their potential and serve as role models for others in the industry.

40A. takes great pride in its dedication to empowering women in the workplace. Highly skilled and motivated individuals who share a passion for their work make up our team. We value diversity and are proud to have a predominantly female team. Together, we support and encourage one another to achieve our goals and succeed.

Providing flexible work arrangements is essential to creating a safe and supportive environment for women. Working in a virtual environment provides this as the biggest benefit. We encourage team members to speak up and ensure that we do not treat anyone differently for having families, thus protecting work-life balance for all. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your time with your kids or families to provide quality services for clients. It is possible to have both. We promise.

In addition to our internal practices, we also strive to make a difference in the wider community. We actively seek out opportunities to support other women-owned businesses and organizations. Cheryl and I both believe that by working together, we can create a more inclusive and equitable world for women. It’s important to remember that supporting someone else’s work doesn’t diminish yours; it just lifts everyone up.

Although the majority of our team consists of women, we also have talented and unbiased men who have contributed to the growth of 40A. Our mission is to provide excellent service to our clients while also maintaining a positive work environment for our team. We aim to hire individuals who support our mission and strive for excellence. This means they work cohesively and efficiently regardless of the gender of their colleagues or leaders.

As a team, we take immense pride in our achievements thus far. However, we recognize that there is always more that can be done to support and uplift women in the workplace. We’re dedicated to empowering women and fostering a fair, inclusive work environment. We are grateful for your invaluable support and partnership on this journey.

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