"> 40A. Virtual Assistants - For Entrepreneurs. By Entrepreneurs.
40A. Virtual Assistants - For Entrepreneurs. By Entrepreneurs.
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You concentrate on your passion. We’ll handle the rest! When 40A. joins your team, we make growing your business the way it should be (tedium-free!).

What makes us different.

When 40A. joins your blog’s team, you get so much more than a virtual assistant. We’re all there to help support you and grow your blog while taking the tasks you don’t love off your hands.

Social media marketing, SEO, copywriting, and media editing support but so much better. Our agency of blogger virtual assistants lets us offer almost any service you could possibly need, but with unique management and accountability. You don’t have to train your VA or make sure she’s up to date on best practices; we’ve got you covered. You don’t need to feel awkward about approaching your assistant when you want something changed or are wondering if you’re getting the right results; you come to us!

Sounds great, but, uh, expensive? Guess again. Our rates are, at minimum, very competitive and very often cheaper than independent VAs! Discover blogging the way it should be: do what you love to do, and let us do the rest.

How our virtual assistants can help you grow your business.

You know the things that support your business: great content, solid relationships, and engaging social media. By hiring a virtual assistant (that would be us!), you can focus your time on the best parts of those high-value activities and leave the rest to us. That means no more full days spent answering emails, providing tech support to ebook and course customers, pinning new posts, embedding Amazon affiliate links…

Social Media Marketing

Pinterest marketing, Facebook and Instagram scheduling, user engagement, social media strategy. Whatever you need, we've got you.

Media & Editing

Whether it's editing your video footage, photographing your recipes, or editing your podcasts, pass off the media grunt work to your VA.

SEO Updating

Updating old posts for SEO, keyword research and analysis, and SEO strategy. Get those organic visitors!

Define Your Goals

Set Your Focus

Unload the Rest


For entrepreneurs. By entrepreneurs.

40A. was started when full-time food blogger, Cheryl, realized just how dramatically her own assistant had helped her grow her blog and business. Why, then, were her friends constantly complaining of less-than-stellar results with their VAs, of feeling unable to approach them, of things falling through the cracks, of receiving no overall strategy from this person who should have felt like part of the team?

It occurred to Cheryl that maybe, with her perspective and background in brand development, along with the skills, experience, and management of her own assistant, Christina, they could create something better!

They knew they wanted to do a few things differently. They wanted to:

– Train their VAs on each project, freeing the blogger from this task

– Keep their VAs up to date on all the ever-changing best practices for each social and digital platform

– Gather a network of VAs with a range of talents and experience in order to offer almost any service

– Provide monthly traffic and social media analytics reporting

– Use this reporting to craft a quarterly content analysis from the 40A. analytics team, coupled with ideas for capturing greater traffic in the future

– Keep these services affordable for bloggers whilst offering a flexible, respectful work environment for VAs

Drawing from her experience in brand development and management, as well as her work as a food blogging coach and full-time food blogger, Cheryl crafted a top-level strategy that helps 40A. clients grow their platforms.


It’s more than just ticking off boxes.

It’s creating a team, a vision, and a long-term growth strategy.

It’s time to love blogging again. Let 40A. join your team!